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The Jupiter Chronicles Book One: The Secret of the Great Red Spot
The Jupiter Chronicles Book 2: The Ice Orphan of Ganymede
Coming Soon: The Jupiter Chronicles Book 3: The Orb of Terra


Haven of Dante: The Staff of Moshe
Haven of Dante: A Comic Novel

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The Loneliness of Writing

I've been doing a lot of reading and soul-searching lately on the loneliness of writing.…

The Jupiter Chronicles Book 3 has Finally Arrived!

Book Three, The Orb of Terra is finally here.  After multiple surgeries, many trials of…

What this Author Learned from: My Dad

In What this Author Learned From, I share an experience, an encounter, or a piece…

The Jupiter Chronicles: Book 3 is Finally Here!

About Leo

Leonardo Ramirez is an author, husband, a father, and a Karate instructor with a 4th degree black belt.  He also holds a Brown Belt in American Bushido Kenjutsu which is the focused study of the Katana.

His first novel, Haven of Dante, is a supernatural Young Adult story centered on an ancient war between the Dante family and the nine circles of hell. Haven of Dante: The Staff of Moshe takes readers much deeper into the world of the family line with a prologue that begins with the plight of Dante Alighieri himself!

His follow up is a space epic book called The Jupiter Chronicles: The Secret of the Great Red Spot. It follows the adventure of two children as they are transported to the steam-powered cities of Jupiter where they find the secret of their long-lost father in the midst of a Martian attack.

My heart and motive have always been for people who are hurting. These can be kids who have had to suffer through child abuse or neglect or an absent parent which can be equally torturous as was the case in The Jupiter Chronicles. It can also be young girls who have suffered an assault like Haven did in Haven of Dante. Young or old it doesn’t matter. Those are the kids and adults I want to speak to because I’ve been there.

It’s not just Science Fiction.

It’s Science Fiction for the Human Condition.

Leonardo Ramirez lives with his wife Kristen, their daughter Mackenzy and their two dogs, Duchess and Tinkerbell in a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee.


Photo by Christina Clark Photography, Nashville, TN

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