Where has the Magic of Hollywood Creativity Gone?

I recently visited a group of talented writers in the Living WritersCollective and shared some of the character development techniques I used. After the presentation, I got to chat with a few of them and after perusing some of their blogs there is clearly talent there. In fact, I haven’t done a show or presentation where someone has not walked up to me afterwards and shared some of their work with me which I love to see.
So if there is ample talent out there why then the obsession with reboots from Hollywood? Granted there have been a few that I’ve enjoyed (Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Batman Begins) but it really seems like the Hollywood spark is either gone or needs to be reinvented somehow.

Hmmm, reinvented. I like the sound of that.

With that said, here is a list of more reboots coming to a theater near you.

Flight of the Navigator


Heavy Metal (although I’ve enjoyed Robert Rodriguez’ work)


National Lampoon’s Vacation (this is more of a “next generation” type movie)

Short Circuit

I hear there’s even something in the works for “Gilligan’s Island”.

Chat soon!

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