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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stop time for seven seconds? How about being able to change machinery into whatever form you could imagine simply by touching it?

As part of the CHRONO LEGION  you can do just that! The CHRONO LEGION is the peacekeeping/enforcement arm of the Jovian ruling class. The Legion is comprised of members who upon reaching the age of 13, begin to show signs of sickness. To relieve their symptoms, they are placed inside of a Chrysalis Chamber where they go through a metamorphosis. After the transformation, their gifts are revealed and they undergo training for entry into the legion.

There are five branches (gifts) of the Chrono Legion.

PraxidThe PRAXID are warriors gifted in martial arts and cunning stealth from the moon of Adrastea. From a very young age, these young warriors train the ancient art of Praxedo which means “the way of the Prax” (Prax= Study of , edo=way of life) and is a way of life and thought process developed by its first Master, N’a-Sura which involves a state of being called, katartizó (kat-ar-tid’-zo). It means “to fit together” and/or to prepare. N’a-Sura believed in preparing the mind and body at all times for any occurrence or situation that life may deem the student worthy to endure. That the path to preparedness lies in humility. His favorite saying was to “sit at the end of the table” until the master called you to the front. It was only then that the student was ready to take from the plate that was set before them. Only in humility can one learn self-defense. Only in service can one learn to serve. Only in becoming a student can one learn to learn being forever the student (Kee-doh). And only in allowing your body to be mastered can the weapon be in hand.

The Rite of Ascent In Praxedo involves service to the death of self. When the student is ready, the master appears and the student is ready to begin his/her training. When this occurs, the Kee-doh is put through a barrage of trials that test both body and mind. Some involve the choice to forgive your attacker and hear him out or attack with the weapon given to the kee-doh. The choices are never clear-cut and neither are the answers.

MechronsMECHRONS have the power of tactile telekinesis. They can shape machinery into any form other than its first intended use by simply touching it and imagining the machine they need to accomplish a task.


The ANGELIONS are time keeper agents of the CHRONO LEGION who can slow down time for seven seconds; long enough to achieve a task. They do this by reciting the words “Tempus Vero” as they open a pocketwatch made with a dark matter metal from Jupiter’s moons, Thebe.

FATEAs a FATE you are able to discern the intentions of others.

WordsmithAs the only WORDSMITH agent per generation, this CHRONO LEGION agent is tasked to record all events past, present and future for posterity with the Book of Worlds.


A branch apart from the Chrono Legion are the SKYROCKET PILOTS who become one with their ships with each anticipating the needs of the other.

There will certainly be more about the different branches of the Chrono Legion in future books. Hope you’ll stay with me for the journey.The Ice Orphan of Ganymede is available now on Amazon:http://bit.ly/IceOrphanPaperback

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