Update on Jupiter Chronicles and Haven of Dante

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It’s been a few days since I’ve posted and I apologize for that but I’ve been super busy with setting up Jupiter Chronicles for a September release. What I’d like to do is schedule my blog posts for once on Wednesday and possibly one on Friday for the time being until things even out.

With all of that said, here’s what’s happening.

Jupiter Chronicles

Let’s face it, mom’s are the home purchasing power so with that in mind I’ve reached out to some blogs that are popular not just with moms but with related subject matter. Being a child of divorce has given me enough insight to write an article for The Post Divorce Chronicles from the point of view of a boy growing up fatherless. I will let you know when that post is live. Family Focus Feature will also be doing a feature story on the book and I’ll have that available to you as well. I’ve also garnered reviews from The Steampunk Chronicle, Science Fiction and Other ODDyseys, Xarrok Recommends, and Fairy Tales Bookstore as well as educators and librarians. I will post those upon receipt. SciFy Pulse will also run an interview.

Here’s what one educator had to say:

Captivating story which keeps you going with intense action all the way throughout the book while lending itself to frank and open conversations about absent fathers. 

~ Anne Rucker, Educator

Last night we received the shipment of the props that will be used for the book. (Thanks Ronan!) These will be displayed along with artwork locally. Kristen will post pictures of the exhibit once it’s set up. Also, we are currently working on having library bound books available. We’ll keep you posted.

Finally, last night I met with the distributor of the graphic novel Haven and he agreed to take Jupiter Chronicles with him to San Diego Comic Con this year so I’m excited to hear what kind of response we get from that.

Haven of Dante

The IndieGogo project to raise funds for publishing the full-length novel is still going on so if you or anyone you know would be interested in helping us get this book published we would be eternally grateful.

You can find that campaign here.

I’ve put together a monster of a book launch plan and after JC releases I’ll share with you what worked and what didn’t through an interview with Build Book Buzz.

As always, I am extremely grateful for you. If you’ve ever taken a moment to read any one of my posts, thank you. If you’ve taken the extra step of subscribing to my blog then a big whopping thank you! I’ll keep you updated and post new content here as well.

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