The Pope and Che Guevara: An Unholy Tie-in?

firing-squadDon’t get me wrong, I love Catholics. We have a few close friends who are Catholics that we love very much. This isn’t about doctrine but more about principles. Recently the pope has been quoted as stating that he wants to be seen as the “Che Guevara of the Palestinians“.  I’m for freedom for everyone as long as the group wanting it desires it for their neighbors as well.  But for some odd reason the fascination with Che seems to know no end.


Some idiot “low-information” voters nowadays proudly where their Che t-shirts as if it were something cool. I would remind them and anyone reading this post that Che was a mass murderer. He butchered children. He was known as “the butcher”.  If you have any doubts about the kind of man he was then read his own words below:

  • “I fight for the things I believe in, with all the weapons at my disposal and try to leave the other man dead so that I don’t get nailed to a cross or any other place.” 
  • “The situation was uncomfortable for the people and for [Eutimio], so I ended the problem giving him a shot with a .32 pistol in the right side of the brain, with exit orifice in the right temporal [lobe]. He gasped for a little while and was dead. Upon proceeding to remove his belongings I couldn’t get off the watch tied by a chain to his belt, and then he told me in a steady voice farther away than fear: “Yank it off, boy, what does it matter.” I did so and his possessions were now mine.”
  • “Blind hate against the enemy creates a forceful impulse that cracks the boundaries of natural human limitations, transforming the soldier in an effective, selective and cold killing machine. A people without hate cannot triumph against the adversary.”
  • “A revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate. We must create the pedagogy of the The Wall!” The Wall is a reference to the wall where Che’s enemies stood before his firing squads.
  • Che wanted the result of the Cuban missile crisis to be an atomic war. “What we affirm is that we must proceed along the path of liberation even if this costs millions of atomic victims.”
  • “The ***** (bad word for black people) is indolent and lazy, and spends his money on frivolities, whereas the European is forward-looking, organized and intelligent.”


This is the man the Pope wants to exemplify? Che Guevara presided over Cuba’s first firing squads and the implementation of labor camps. Some may say that he is simply an atypical revolutionary not unlike our forefathers who obviously were not perfect. I would vehemently disagree with you. This was a man who enjoyed killing not just armed men, but anyone who stood against Castro’s regime which included unarmed men, women and children. He opposed free speech, freedom of religion, press, elections and assembly. Homosexuals were jailed and he hated blacks. 

This guy is a hero to some?  Friends, do you research before you buy the shirt.

Here are Che’s famous last “heroic” words: “Don’t shoot! I am Che Guevara and worth more to you alive than dead!”


Yes, these were the things that Che was willing to embrace in order to accomplish his goal. Surely, that’s not what the pope meant, right?



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