The Morning Runner: An Incidental Inspiration

I have never met the lady in the image below and have no idea what her name is. I’m guessing that she’s in her 60s but again I don’t know for sure because we’ve never met. She seems friendly because she waves at familiar cars that drive by her every morning.

She has no idea that she’s my friend.

Like most people, there are days that I really struggle with starting the day. I worry about whether or not I can accomplish everything that I set out to do on that day or if I’m being the husband and dad that I want to be. As a dad I pray that my family will be safe and I wish that I could spend my days with them and I pray for that day to come quickly. Like most folks, I worry that I will make the right decisions for that day.

And then I see the runner.

I don’t know how long of a run she embarks on every morning but I know it’s a long one. She’s determined to finish it. Even on days that, in my opinion, are too cold or too hot to be running she’s out there. She’s disciplined. For her, in that moment, all that matters is the task at hand and what is at the end of the road seems irrelevant and what seemed to be weighing on my soul suddenly seems unimportant with a single wave.

It’s the simple things in life that matter most. My daughter’s face is suddenly shining in my mind’s eye. My wife is sitting next to me in my heart and best of all, I’ve got nothing to worry about.

Thanks runner. See ya tomorrow.

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