The Jupiter Chronicles: Book Three Poem


Hi Peeps:

For books one and two of THE JUPITER CHRONICLES, I wrote up a poem that is placed at the beginning of each book simply to give each an underlying hint and/or theme. For book three I wanted to continue that tradition and share it with you, my friends, before its release. One of the reasons that I thought this poem would be appropriate is because there is a theme that runs through the background of the book that deals with the implications of allowing yourself to be overrun by feelings like guilt or anger. Those things rule the decisions you make and those decisions are not always good. Don’t get me wrong, feeling guilty or angry is not always a bad thing. But to be ruled by those is quite another.

11wtiTechHistoryrotator-1383753362260To be able to sift through those emotions, we need a moral compass whether we want to admit it or not. This is so that they don’t get the best of us and drive us to do things that well…aren’t so nice. Too often we are guided by anger or things that we feel are right without asking ourselves whether or not what we are feeling is accurate or based in the facts. This is sorely made evident in our conversations on social media. Who we are on the inside tends to rear its ugly head in that arena. We say things we think bear no consequence but if we were to bring to life what we are saying the picture would be a horrible thing. Words matter. What we say matters. And out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

Think about it. If you could cause everything that you say on social media to life, would you still say it?  Some of the casual comments I’ve read on social media are pretty horrifying. Some that call for masses of people to be killed or an entire society to be wiped out or a faith to be outlawed. Some folks would shrug those things off as a joke. But there are others who read comments like that and grab a hold of them. They hold on to them tightly like a warm blanket while it fuels their anger and hate and before you know it, the sentiment that may have started out as a joke ends up spreading like wildfire. leoWe all need something…..someone to keep us in check.

Something to think about. And no worries, it’s not a heavy book. But it is honest. And yes, there will be robots and skyrockets as well as a little background on a certain bad guy.

After all, it is a Children’s series.  ;o)

Chat soon!


Leonardo Ramirez is an author of Children’s Steampunk, YA Speculative Science Fiction and a graphic novel. His website, Science Fiction for the Human Condition can be found at .