The Family Line

Since Haven: The Graphic Novel and Haven of Dante (prose novel) stem from the original travels of Dante Alighieri through the nine circles of hell and purgatory in the 1300s. Just to keep it interesting and relevant I created a history of the family line that started from that point and leads to modern day and as such there are a few historical references that can be found throughout each work. The graphic novel depicts these as original paintings that are scattered throughout.
Sometimes we inherit more than we care to admit.
1265-1321 – Dante Alighieri travels through the nine circles of hell

1321-1366 – UNCIVIL WAR -Members of the nine circles of hell fight for leadership and form the Aristocracy.

1366 – The Witness initiates contact with the family line to combat the Aristocracy. Clues of periodic contact are left in clues throughout history. Members of the Line are given varying degrees of power.

1760-1848 – Benjamin Esteban Dante seeks amnesty in the New World from England and after changing his name he fights bravely on the side of the Colonial United States.

1922-1945 – Kristen Amorosa Dante works as an archivist for the German military during World War II. Under this guise, she uses underground tunnels to free prisoners of the Nazis with the help of her friend David whom she marries. Together they return to the United States.

1943-1994 – Amado Ayende Dante works as a liaison officer in the United States Embassy in what was once the Soviet Union. After living there for 10 years he returns to the United States once the Berlin Wall crumbles.

1977 – Roberto’s heart is not right for the mantle so the responsibility skips him which causes resentment. Wanting to be a hero in his own right, Roberto Dante forms a technology research company called Dante Technologies.

1980 – Roberto and Beatrice Dante are wed.

1984-2001 – Rebecca Mariana Dante (Roberto’s younger sister) is 17 and full of life. She is lost in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

1985 – Haven Irena Dante is born.

2002 – Roberto Dante transforms his company into Dante Tech which supplies military technology to the government.

2002-2004 – Haven is missing for two years.

2004 – Haven assumes the mantle.

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