The Business of Writing

Ok right off the cuff this may sound like a boring subject to cover for some but not only is it absolutely necessary but it is one that I would highly recommend be embraced especially for younger writers or those just starting out. Trust me, I ignored this very important facet of writing for some time and found myself getting antsy about where I was in life. After all, we’ve all had jobs at some point or another that at the time we think to ourselves, “What am I doing here? I’m a writer!” Well, aside from having to keep the lights on and food on the table you don’t ever want to discount the experience you’re gaining from whatever job you’re in. 

I was blessed enough to be an International Marketing Manager for a well- known music company for a number of years before the recession hit and it was probably the best thing that could have happened to me as far as my writing goes. I managed royalty reports for a number of foreign countries on a monthly basis and set up production schedules for album releases in the same. Now when I say set up production schedules that means ensuring that each country had the parts that they needed for manufacturing the titles and/or ensuring that they had all of the marketing material and finished product they needed prior to the street date of certain titles so if a title was not properly set up by an announced street date then it just wasn’t a good time for that distributor.

Sound boring? Perhaps but all that to say that now I know how to keep a schedule come hell or high water. I learned the impact that missing one step in the production chain can have on a whole lot of people as well as learning what everyone’s role is in the process. I’m not saying that we all need a lesson in keeping our word because whether or not we have the experience our yes should be yes and our no should be no but there is a deeper insight into learning the process part of it.

Don’t despise it. Learn everything you possibly can where you are right now and when you’ve learned all that you can….

…remain real and true to yourself.

Leonardo Ramirez is an author or prose fiction and graphic novels.

2 thoughts on “The Business of Writing

  1. Mike P

    Well said, Leonardo. By far the hardest element for me to master and the biggest roadblock to success as a writer or artist has been discipline and time management!While email and the Internet have made editing, marketing and promoting our work easier and more efficient, they have also created (for me) the biggest time drains in the universe. One must master his time before mastering his craft.Best,Mike

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