The BUY A BOOK FEED A FAMILY CAMPAIGN has reached its goal! This is thanks to the amazing support and help of a few good folks. Thanks to all who worked, shared and offered some bits of wisdom along the way.  Some of the local businesses offered their support as well.  Visit their site and check out what they offer. I know them all and they’re wonderful people. There is more ahead so stay tuned! 

Thanks to those who even now, still work behind the scenes:

Nicholas Yanes
Terri Walsh
Scarlett Paolicchi

And to those who supported us financially:

Carol Weisenfelder
Jody Hodges
Jay Watson
Amber Mohr
Stephen Oats
Jeff Jackson
Rick Barker
Melissa McLaughlin
Stephen Woollard
Magda Underdown-Dubois
Ron Ragsag
Chris Riddle
Celeste Palmer
Mark Poe
Tony and Shellie Exler
Jason Carnrike
Ann Rucker
Eric Nordhoff
Janna McGregor
Jimmy Stitt
One Anonymous Friend
David Kendall

And to the local businesses who supported us:

Outlanders Southern Chicken                                                                                  7215 Nolensville Road, Nolensville, TN                                                            (615) 283-7975                                                                                     





Mama’s Java                                                                                                                        205 Sheldon Valley Dr., Suite 101                                                                          Nolensville, TN  37135                                                                                                  (615) 776-5282                                                                                                       


The Amish Market                                                                                                                       





Nolensville Toy Shop                                                                                             


And here are some of our close supporters!

Family Focus Blog                                                                             



Hypericon (Science Fiction Convention)



Jody Hodges – Hodges and Fooshee Realty          1404 17th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37212                     Phone: (615) 538-1100                                            



The Nashville Symphony                                                Schermerhorn Symphony Center