REVIEW: A Warrior’s Garden: Dealing with PTSD

Human Condition
~the positive and negative aspects of existence as a human being


Book Review: A Warrior’s Garden by  Ralph “Malachias” Gaskin

A Personal War Against PTSD

I never do book reviews but felt that this one was important enough to come out of my comfort zone for and offer a word or two about a book with “seeds of a therapeutic approach to dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder” or what is commonly known as PTSD. Even if the book is not Science Fiction, it still fits within the theme of “the Human Condition”.

Although my sister is a vet, I’ve never been a member of the military myself so I’m coming at this from a different point of view. I do hold our soldiers in very high regard. Like anyone else, they are human and in need of friendship. Because of the media and the mindset of some, there is a stigma that vets have to deal with every day. From my personal observations, there seem to be assumptions about them that have to be fought against, along with having to deal with the neglect and despise that some who claim to be tolerant, have for veterans. Imagine for one minute, having to say goodbye to your spouse while she holds your child in her womb. Imagine having to say goodbye to a dad that thinks of you as “daddy’s girl” not knowing whether or not you’ll return in one piece or even emotionally whole. Then to return to opinionated, inexperienced folks who look at you with contempt because of an ideology or critical political pundits who have never deployed, and a dysfunctional VA hospital system that forces you to wait for weeks while you are living in pain.

All of this, and they never ask for your pity or your thank you.

I had wanted to read this book for a long time so that I could get a better understanding of how I can be a better friend to my buddy who has served. Not out of pity, but because I’ve been in too many one-sided friendships. If you suffer from PTSD yourself, this book is a must. But if you know and care for someone who has PTSD this book is also a must.


Malachias wars against PTSD in song.

Its words are practical, humble and personal, as if the author is just hanging out in your living room and sharing his thoughts on the effects of war and how to deal with them through subjects that span from music to nutrition and faith. The tips for healing are easy for anyone to understand and are listed at the bottom of each page as gentle reminders. It’s also relatable even if you haven’t experienced the horrors of war. As the author states, “PTSD can stem from any traumatic event.”

Whether you’re a person of faith or not, this book will be a tremendous source of encouragement for you and bring you to a place of healing and connection with the things that really matter in life. His words are uplifting in a down-to-earth message of hope, endurance, and practicality that quite frankly we should all embrace.

I hope that you will.

Visit this link to buy his book now. And do please consider buying his book and recommending it to others. He recently had to shut down his landscaping business due to injuries so please join me in supporting him and his family by purchasing a copy. And when you see a vet don’t forget to just thank them, but thank his/her family as well.

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