Our Visit to the Nashville Rescue Mission

Hi All,

Hope you’re having an amazing holiday season. As for us, we didn’t get to sleep on Christmas Eve until passed midnight because our daughter (like most other kids) just could not get to sleep so Mom turned on a Harry Potter CD and after a while she was out. Of course, she was back up at 5 a.m. at which time we opened our gifts but then suddenly found ourselves waking up on the couch 2 hours later not fully realizing that we had all fallen asleep. After waking up we had fun with our daughter in playing with her new stuff. Incidentally, I highly recommend Connect Four Launchers. It’s a blast. I also started a tradition with my wife which was to write her a Christmas letter. She cried. Not sure if that was before or after I woke up though.

As far as what we did today I don’t think that I’ll use the word charity work even though going to homeless shelters and missions is how it’s described. It sounds too disconnected to me. Part of what we do we do so out of caring for people so to a small degree it’s relational work. I don’t want to do something like this just for the sake of saying I did it or to boast about it but to really care and to teach our daughter that there is caring in doing. It’s not enough to say that you care about someone. You actually have to do something about it otherwise (at least, to me) they are empty words.on’

My wife and I had done this type of thing many times before so now it was our daughter’s time to join us.

One thing I will say in boasting (mostly for posterity should my daughter ever read this later) that I was immensely proud at how hard our daughter worked today. Even better, she did it with a joyful heart. She wanted to do it and would not stand idly by when there was something that needed to be done.

She wasn’t satisfied with scrubbing walls and tables. She wanted to serve the meals and she was adamant about it. I’ll be honest in saying that we don’t like to wait around too long when we’re hungry but since we were feeding others she pushed through our lunchtime and truly placed the needs of others ahead of her own. She did well and we all had fun doing it. We even made some new friends today who were a joy to work with. Maria, Danielle and the others…thank you for making it fun for us. 

As far as the Nashville Rescue Mission itself goes, they do an amazing job. The kitchen was spotless and they had the operation fine-tuned. We plan on going back and encourage you to find one like it of your preference. It’s not charity work. It’s a relational effort. And with the economy the way it is I’m sure that there are a lot of us that are one or two paychecks away from being on the other side of the food line.

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