New Website is Up! Come check it out!


Hey Peeps!

The new look of the website is now active so go check it out. I’ve jumped on the bandwagon of cleaner and simpler things in life and that includes the site. Hope you like it!

Anywho, I just found out that Wil Wheaton is a subscriber so immediately I thought to myself, oh crap, now I’m a little nervous about what I’m supposed to write. So I reached out to my buddy, Kevin Kaiser of 1KTrueFans for some advice. “Just do your thing,” he said to me.


Maybe I should throw up a picture of Wil Wheaton doing the unbread.


Or a long lost Daledian Princess.


How about “Heat Vision Game Addict” Wesley?


Or all 102 of Leffler’s Laws?

No, I don’t think so. Like Kevin said, I need to just do my thing.

What is my thing?

In short, I’m a geek dad who writes Science Fiction for the Human Condition. Be it Children’s Steampunk or YA Fantasy, I keep the writing fun but in the background I address what it’s like to grow up in a single-parent family, an abusive relationship or extreme poverty. The fun part comes with being a husband (when I do something stupid) or being a dad. Man, I love being both.

That’s my thing.

Now go check out the website and buy some books!

Chat soon,
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