Update on Jupiter Chronicles, Book Four

Hi All:

Just wanted to give you a quick update on where I am with book four in The Jupiter Chronicles series.  Simply put, we have a working title, synopsis and chapter headings. This obviously means we have an outline done.  Although there is quite a bit of detail in my outlines, those can sometimes change as the story progresses. I know how I want it to end but again, characters can affect how we arrive there. They are fickle and controlling creatures, these characters. But I like them that way. 

So the working title for book 4 is….The Last Wordsmith. 

I’m fully aware that some may not remember what a wordsmith is so to refresh, a wordsmith is part of the Chrono Legion. The Chrono Legion is a group of individuals, each with an ability they receive when they experience their “chrysalis” around the age of 12 years. They use these abilities on missions to defend and protect the Jovian Realm from threats from the outside or within.  Their abilities consist of the following:

  • The Fates: These can sense the intentions of others. Can tell when someone is being honest or not and are often engaged in recon operations.
  • The Praxid: Warriors gifted in martial arts and cunning stealth. 
  • The Angelions (also known as Timekeepers); these are agents that can slow down the passage of time to a crawl for 7 seconds with the use of a special pocket watch obtained from the Gizmology Portico.
  • The Mechrons have the power of tactile telekinesis. This means they can alter a machine to create anything they want to simply by touching it and imagining the device in their mind.
  • A Wordsmith has the ability to see everything that transpires in and out of their view in the past and the present. Noticing patterns, they can sometimes predict the future. Wordsmiths fervently write in their “journals” which translates to the Book of Worlds for posterity.
Here’s where we pick up with the synopsis:

As whimsical, young Callie undergoes the Chrysalis, she discovers that her new power as a Wordsmith grants her the ability to alter history and erase the enslavement of the Jovian people.

But as the loathsome pirate, Kaos, seeks revenge for the destruction of his ship, Callie must decide whether to change the past or lose what she holds most dear.

And the consequences are far more dire than the war she averted.

And here are the chapter titles:

A Myth for a Cause

Tomorrow’s Guild

A New Lie

Callie’s Chrysalis

A Paltry and a Purpose

World of Whispers

Kaos Upon Us

Into the Nexus Sphere

What Might Have Been

Typhon the Dreaded

Time Boogie

All Hail Heracles


Just Another Face

Raise the Roof

Now back to scribbling!

Chat soon!


Leonardo Ramirez is an author of Science Fiction and Fantasy. He is also a husband, father and a 4th degree Black Belt in American Karate as well as a brown belt in American Bushido Kenjutsu which is the study of the Katana sword. You can visit his website, Science Fiction for the Human Condition at Leonardoverse.com.  His books are available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retailers.



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