It’s Been the Week from Hell But There is Hope . .

Last week I was involved in a discussion about the where we are as human beings and how we’ve allowed to become so out of touch with the world around us.  We’re quick to blame video games and political parties for the  atrocities that happen (and yes, some of those are to blame) but we’re less apt to look in the mirror while checking our pulse for reasons why so much tragedy on the rise. We turn off the news because we can’t handle the suffering of others. We don’t dig deep enough to find answers to what is really going on in this world and why they happen. Instead we’ve become “low information voters” who are too lazy to search for the truth on our own. In the discussion, one person stated that as they’ve grown older they’ve given in to the fact that there is nothing that they can do to change the world around them so they might as well enjoy it. Sorry but I have a real problem with that.

I firmly believe that we can live bravely in both worlds and for the joy of living to be bedfellows with genuine concern. Why? Because I’m too afraid of what I might become should I grow apathetic. Apathy,I believe, is our biggest enemy today.

For over twenty years, a doctor slit the necks and severed the heads of live precious babies. If there is any clear picture of what infanticide really is it is this case. The pictures that I’ve seen are horrific and the person(s) responsible are nothing less than monsters. The initial lack of coverage by the mass media of the trial is reprehensible. Again, this went on for 20 years and no one did anything to stop it including the employees.

It seems that in recent years I’m coming across more and more people that are apathetic to the world around them who believe that one voice cannot change anything. This is reflected in social media as well.  Jokes are made about tragedies and accusations about culprits are thrown out without any evidence in the hopes that social media will take hold of a lie and make it true. Apathy turns into self-interest. Self-interest turns into selfishness and the latter can surely turn a person’s heart cold and indifferent. For crying out loud, investigate before you tweet something!

Do I believe that there are still good people in the world? YES!

Otherwise, we never would have been given the power of choice

k3937762The bravery of those that stopped to help the runners of the Boston Marathon after the bombing of the same. These cannot be overstated. Strangers tweeted for runners to come to their home if they needed shelter. A medalist removed his medal and gave it to a runner who wasn’t able to finish the race. Sergeant Tyler stopped to comfort a young girl scarred by the blast. These are people that have made good choices.

It shouldn’t take a national tragedy to bring us out of apathy. Some of us choose to close our eyes to the things that are happening around them. I understand that it’s a lot to take in. Suck it up. We need you. Be the hero that America needs so desperately right now. Our hope is not in any politician, pundit or celebrity. It’s in you.

Between the Boston Marathon bombing, the ricine letters and the Texas fertilizer plant explosion It’s been the week from hell for us as a country. Be vigilant at all times. Pray for Boston. Pray for Texas. Pray for our nation.

And don’t stop.

What is your hope?

As a side note: This post started out as a commentary on the human condition but something inspired me to take a different direction. As silly as this may sound, it was the trailer for the new Man of Steel movie. Even if you’re not into Superman, it’s a great trailer.


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