Haven: Year One

One year ago this week, Haven: The Graphic Novel released into comic stores all around the country. So what’s it been like for me in the past year? The best way I can describe it well…a lightning fast roller coaster ride complete with ups and downs and twists and turns. All that to say that it’s not always been a rosy picture.

When the book released I hit the comic stores first with signings. One in particular, Outer Limits in Franklin, TN was extremely supportive. Thanks Anthony. Others, sad to say, cancelled their shipment because it didn’t arrive to them in time from Diamond. That was very disheartening since I had scheduled more signings at some of these storefronts. One store in Nashville wouldn’t even talk to me when I offered a signing which I thought was really odd. From there I moved on to Fairy Tales Bookstore in Nashville. Tammy Derr was an amazing host and I strongly recommend visiting Fairy Tales.

From there I went on to the Southern Festival of Books and then on to GMX which was by far my favorite experience of them all. In fact, I was just telling Jeremy Miller that I’d like to come back every year if possible and host more panels if they’ll put up with me. Loved it, loved it.

So where do we stand now with Haven? Well, about six-seven months ago I was approached by an agent and asked if I would write a prose novel so I did. I really enjoyed that process because I could really delve into the history of the characters that appear in the graphic novel much more than a GN would allow. I’ve submitted the work and I’m waiting to hear back so we’ll see what’s in store for that. As for the graphic novel itself well, sales-wise we’re in the hole. It’s been pretty gut-wrenching since Davy and I put so much into it. Not to mention the imposition on my family. I try to be patient but sometimes the sadness takes over and I find myself chowing down on a carton of “Death by Chocolate”. I’m a newbie, I get that. So I have to choose to be patient and keep plugging away at promoting it and connecting with folks and hope that some day there will be enough steam behind it to add more to the library. Heck, I’ve also written a movie treatment along with a proposal for two children’s book series and an animated series.

I’ve mentioned in my talks that I keep a file folder in my drawer full of rejection letters and at the end of it is my contract with Markosia. I keep so that I can some day remind my daughter never to give up on her dreams. I have to choose to give myself the same lecture now and never give up.

Never surrender.