Haven of Dante: Free Audio Drama that You’ve Got to Hear!


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Viktor Aurelius and Jeff Niles of “Whispers in the Dark” have created an incredible audio drama of the prologue from the upcoming Haven of Dante. The work they’ve done (complete with special effects) is simply incredible and the music by Kevin MacLeod sends it over the top.

You’ve got to hear it for yourself!

You can listen to it online at:


Viktor Aurelius as The Narrator
Jeff Niles as Virgil
Viktor Aurelius as Dante
and Jeff Niles as Hedonis

Written by Leonardo Ramirez

Music by Kevin MacLeod
(c) 2013 The 4077th and All Better Audio

or download HAVEN OF DANTE PROLOGUE in mp3 format.

Please do tell us what you think!


Leonardo Ramirez is an author of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Visit leonardoverse.com for info! Jupiter Chronicles is available now.

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