Happy Birthday to My Brown-Eyed Girl!

Before my daughter was born I’d sing to her while she was still in Mom’s belly. Once she was kicking so hard that it hurt Mom’s ribs so I told her to stop. She did. That clinched it for me. Whoever said that they learn to recognize your voice was right. She knew Dad meant business. Soon after, we were in the hospital ready for her “arrival”. My wife labored for 40 hours when the doctor decided it was time for a cesarean. The fact that the epidural didn’t take either might have had something to do with that. I was allowed to go into the surgery room despite the objections of the anesthesiologist. She was born at 7:12 pm on a Monday. I walked around the curtain and saw her for the first time and something happened.

I ceased to be one person and became someone else entirely. The person that I was changed and all of a sudden there was this beautiful creation in front of me that I would gladly and without reservation jump in front of a train for, be tortured for, you name it. Enough said.

Every year on the night before her birthday, she and I go out to dinner to whatever place she chooses.

Years 1-3 it was McDonalds.
Years 4-5 it was Pie in the Sky (which has really good pizza!).
Year 6 it was TGI Friday’s.
Years 7 and 8 it was Red Lobster.
Year 9 it was The Olive Garden.

Tomorrow night it’s Asuka’s Japanese Steakhouse. She wanted Hibachi style. I called the restaurant to see if they would cook for us since we wanted a table for ourselves and they were happy too.

I’ll be sure to leave a good tip.

Happy Birthday, my brown-eyed girl. Daddy loves you.

Leonardo Ramirez is an author of prose fiction and graphic novels in the genres of Young Adult and Children’s Books. For more information please visit http://www.leonardoverse.com.