Guest Post: How Science Fiction Has Encouraged Reading in Kids By Grace Beckett

How Science Fiction Has Encouraged Reading in Kids By Grace Beckett

It seems like kids and young adults today are no longer interested in reading or literature. While some blame it on the recent advancements in technology and release of new gadgets, others blame it on the internet and social media. In fact, we fail to realize that young adults and children are just not interested. They are not reading because they have no interest to do so and not because they cannot read.

How young minds work

The ages between twelve and fifteen are the years when the sense of wonder in a person can bloom or wither depending on external influences. Nowadays, many children grow up to be gloomy adults who do not read. They hardly have the desire to expand their minds and broaden their knowledge because their sense of wonder withers away as they grow older.

The problem could be because these individuals did not get enough inspirational books as they were growing up. It is important for parents or parental figures to continuously feed the minds of these young kids with books and stories that can really give them inspiration and the freedom to imagine. As humans, our sense of wonder is usually triggered by things or events that are out of the ordinary. That’s why kids need to start reading books that are imaginative – books that can give them the power to dream.

lotr_volumeEstablishing the habit of reading through science fiction and fantasy

Stirring the imagination in children can be as simple as giving them a science fiction book. Even the film industry understands the capability of this genre in capturing the interest and attention of bright young minds. You can see that by looking at the list of top 100 grossing movies. Science fiction and fantasy make up for over 80% of the list. Some of the most popular books are also science fiction and fantasy based stories.

If you, as a parent, are finding it difficult to convince your kids that books are interesting and fascinating, try showing them movies superhero and fantasy-based movies. Ever since the Lord of the Rings trilogy entered the world of films, many people have started to develop a new interest in reading Tolkien. Give your kids the opportunity to nurture their imagination and their fascination for science fiction and fantasy novels. So if your ten year old is starting to read superhero comic books, take it as a sign that you are a successful parent.

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