Four Things I Learned from Writing a Business Plan

Hi All!

I had mentioned prior that I was working on a business plan for a new publishing entity called Leonardoverse. To be honest, I had no idea what I was getting myself into but after a couple of months of research the 85+ page document is now complete.

Did I enjoy the process? Heck no. I’m a fiction writer. But it goes without saying that in order to have goals you have to know what they are and creating a business plan is a fantastic way to do that so was the process enlightening? Yes!

Here’s why:

Sheds Light on your Experience

I learned from writing the business plan that I could take my past job experience and put it to good use in ways that I had not seen before. I was an International Marketing Manager for a music company and that combined with speaking fluent Spanish I thought it would be good to devote an aspect of the plan to translating my books into Spanish. You’d think that with me being Hispanic that I would have already thought of that. I had not. I was too focused on the story to see the forest for the trees.

On the music business side there are aspects of the industry that I incorporated into the plan but I don’t want to give that away just yet so I hope you’ll stay tuned. All of that to say, you may not speak Spanish or have worked in the music industry but take an inventory of your life and see where you can make the connection in your business plan.


Face it; we’re writers who forget that selling books is a business. Some of us even feel a little guilty for peddling our stuff especially in this economy. I even have a Kickstarter project that chaps me to talk about because I hate asking for money. But unless your sole purpose is to write for pure enjoyment and have no desire to make a living/career out of it then you have to be able to look at it as a business and that means creating a business plan. That means focus. What I mean by that is sharpening your marketing skills while remaining authentic and/or true to yourself. Which magazines will be in line with a subject matter in your book?

Because my wife’s a school librarian I chose to focus on the education sector and reaching out to them. Depending on your book’s subject matter it can be something totally different for you.


You’d think that vision would be self-explanatory but in writing my business plan I was surprised to see the ideas that came pouring into my noodle. One of them is a doozy and will take some time to bring to fruition. Is there something specifically that you would like to accomplish with this book? Find a creative and fun way to accomplish that even if it takes a while.


Some of the best ideas are well-thought out and when it comes to having the patience to get something done I have a really hard time with this one. If something comes to mind that I need to do then as long as there’s not a family emergency I absolutely have to get it done yesterday. I abhor missing a deadline even if it’s self-imposed. To my detriment, I have found that if I put together even a shell of a plan it is better in the long run.

As with all things in life we all have things that we don’t like to do so much.

That doesn’t mean we’re not supposed to do it.

Chat soon,
Leonardo Ramirez is an author of Science Fiction and Fantasy books for all ages. For more info, please visit and sign up for the blog.