Follow up: Schools Tracking Your Child’s BMI without Consent

Hi All,

I wanted to follow up on my previous post with respect to tracking our kids BMI without our consent or knowledge. I spoke with a district official who explained that due to the public outcry on the issue of obesity, the state has been placing requirements on districts as a response from education in the form of programs that have been added into the curriculum as that response.

He also explained that because the program is in its infancy so it is going to have growing pains but also indicated that communicating with parents should have been placed on a higher priority. He also assured me that no name will be attached to the data sent to the state.

That said, if you are concerned about this, call your principal if you’d like more details or information.

Does that mean that all of a sudden I agree with using the BMI method to track our children’s overall health?

Let me offer up a scorching hot cup full of no!

So where’s the public outcry against using this method?

Perhaps my beef is not with the crossing of boundaries. Well…it is. I’m big on boundaries. But in addition to that I’m somewhat miffed that in our society there is not enough emphasis on personal responsibility.  Should we help those who would otherwise never know? Yes, of course. At the same time it should not be at the risk of a child’s self-esteem and not because it’s fashionable at the time.

Please stay involved in the life of your child. Know what is happening in their lives.

Chat soon,

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