Daddy! Original Post 2009-09-18

In the migration over to WordPress some of my posts did not make it over.

Original Post 2009-09-18

I could blog about swine flu, politics (for lack of a better word), ambitions, traditions, conditions, etc. but the only thing that settles my mind in the midst of the toil are the few minutes that I have before I hear her scream, “Daddy!”

It’s Friday afternoon and like every other, I think of my girls and the solace they bring when I walk through the door. Every day is different, sometimes my little girl is outside playing while others she’s indoors watching TV but the carving of the mind that remains for all time is the sight of her big brown eyes as she catches sight and her little legs that carry her as fast as they can to open arms. I pray she doesn’t trip on her way to me and every time my prayer is answered I cannot hold her tight enough.

She wants to show me something. Doesn’t matter what it is because it’s important. Yesterday it was a bracelet made of toilet paper roll and wrapped in string made just for me and covered in kissies. She tells me that when I put her down to make sure that I give her cuddles. She falls asleep quickly but somehow she knows that I did.

I gently place my hand on her head and say a prayer to protect and guide her.

In the morning, it’s pancakes and cheese eggs. And don’t forget the bacon.
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