Create as You Wait!

This week has been emotionally tough. My sweet wife (who is a school librarian) is busier than ever. I’m wishing I had more hours in the day to write and watching the news is well, if you’re keeping up then I need not say more. This week I struggled with the performance of my first graphic novel, Haven and wondering if I could have done more. In fact this week I had to cancel my appearance at my favorite local con (GMX) which by the way, is a lot of fun so if you’re in the area then please go and say hi to all the nice folks for me.

When it comes to my work I’m not one to readily blame anyone but myself. I did my tour of duty which included retail outlets, libraries, schools, conventions, talks, you name it – I’ve done it. Despite all of that (and phenomenal reviews) I thought things were supposed to be a little different by now.

I was wrong.

Here’s where we writers always seem to get it wrong. We hate to wait. As Jack Nicholson said in “As Good as It Gets”, I’m using the word hate here! I love that movie. We hate to wait for the agent to respond to our query. We hate to wait for the publisher to read our manuscript. I hate to wait for my burger order (I’m hypoglycemic). The reality is that when you’re starting out it does take time to build an audience and yes, we are in a bad economy. Be patient (I’m talking to myself here). The good news is that in our heart of hearts we are writers and nothing can change that.

So what should we do while we wait?

Create! Turn the drive to succeed into a burst of creativity. Turn off the personality who has sold a gazillion copies of their book and set yourself down and carefully craft the world where only your characters can voice the thoughts and feelings you are dying to get out and don’t stop (unless you’re going out for a burger).

Be ready for when the good times come because when they do you’ll be ready and reap the rewards you’ve waited for your entire creative life.

Now go and create. Be ready for when the good times come.

Leonardo Ramirez is an author of prose fiction and graphic novels.

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