Codes, Values and a Moral Compass: A Culture Commentary

My wife and I were devastated by the events in Connecticut. I hugged my daughter a little tighter and told her how much I loved her a gazillion times. We had deep conversations and we cried over the beautiful faces that were lost.

But since Friday, I’ve heard numerous comments about what gun laws need to be fixed or how all guns should be banned (which doesn’t seem to be working for crack addicts, meth labs and drunk driving) from a government that supplies guns to our enemies. Yet what people don’t want to seem to address is the heart condition. By no means do I want to convince you to believe as I do and nor do I want to get political because that would detract from the conversation.

Who are we on the inside?

Your answers are your own. All I can do is share who I am and why. I will not force my beliefs on others (and ask that you not do the same) but I won’t run away from them either.

There are a myriad of reasons why my wife and I call ourselves Christians but in the context of this dialogue the one that comes to the top of my mind can be found in one word. That word is reliance. If I believe that man is flawed and that we make mistakes then I have to have something inside of me that tells me what I’m saying is wrong, what I’m doing is wrong, how I’m saying something is wrong and how I should be doing better. I believe that there is freedom is saying I’m sorry and that if you can’t say it and mean it there is something fundamentally wrong. I believe that if I didn’t have that on the inside that my soul would become dark, remorseless and without a check to stop me from carrying out my human nature. I believe that the more we get used to doing something wrong the less we feel bad about it. That just gets worse with time and I can’t help to wonder if this is what is happening with our culture.

Coming from a broken home or from poverty can be a factor but it is not the deciding one. I came from both. My faith tells me that my decisions are my own. I have to have someone on the inside telling me that I need to do a better job at loving people. We all do.

Look, I know that for some reason or another Christians and God aren’t liked a whole lot right now especially by the media. Some have even said that Christians want to establish a theocracy which is ridiculous and goes against Christianity in and of itself so if you’re looking for a theocracy check the other side of the globe if you dare. The views of others stemmed in prejudice and misinformation won’t dissuade me from my beliefs. If someone came to me and told me that my wife was a serial bank robber would I believe them?

No. Why? Because I know better. I know her.

I found out for myself who she was before I married her.

Now I’m not sure what is happening with young men these days but I see it a lot. There’s an apathy and a disconnect from consequences. There’s a detachment from the urgency of natural human need that could be happening right in front of their eyes. There is ease of hate speech online that is unprecedented. Try getting on to some of these movie/comic book websites and look at the comments. I’ve never seen so much freedom to hate as I do when I peruse these sites. Hear my heart when I say that I’m, by no means, taking some kind of moral high ground here. It’s quite the opposite. I’m coming from the bottom up and saying that we’re all flawed. To what degree you accept that determines how teachable you are. How teachable you are determines how humble you are. And how humble you are determines your ability to know right from wrong.

Some would say, if God is so good why does He let this happen?

As you’re probably already aware, control and love do not go hand-in-hand. You can’t love someone and control them at the same time. That’s not love. This was on us.

I can’t navigate this life on my own. But one thing I can take solace in is that despite my shortcomings, I am loved. I am loved by my wife, my brown-eyed girl and my God.

That’s all I need.

What’s your moral compass?

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One thought on “Codes, Values and a Moral Compass: A Culture Commentary

  1. Eric

    Amen! Well said, Lenny! I think that recent events such as this are disgusting, but there’s always a way to find hope. Culture is slowly on the decline, and people need a way to love, not hate.

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