Bullying Seminar

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This week I attended an amazing seminar on bullying put on by Jim Williams. He was deeply impactful and engaging and my wife and I enjoyed it very much. For more information on Jim, please visit http://www.callmejim.org.

Here are some of the points we walked away with.

For Parents/Teachers:
Create a Family Mission Values Statement – this would consist of values, beliefs and principals that the family as a whole adheres to and actively demonstrates in their relationships and interactions. Family members can hold each other accountable with a clearly understood and stated value statement that builds on those foundations.

Learn to see the world through their eyes – kids come to us with varying degrees as to how they are perceived and valued at home. It’s important to keep that in mind when interacting with them.

Empathy is learned by age 5.

“Programming” ends by age 14. Once a child reaches that age their value system is in place as well as how they perceive themselves.

Have 15 minutes of one on one (each parent) with your child.

Every child needs to have their feelings validated by someone they care about. It’s ok to feel angry but its how they react to that anger that determines right or wrong.

Children need to like the way they look. They need to be told that they are beautiful on the inside and that’s what counts.

Seek first to understand than to be understood.

Every child needs to be good at education, social skills and an extra activity.

On Bullying:
Bullying happen when someone with greater power unfairly hurts someone with less power.
There are two groups of students that give bullies power: followers and bystanders. The group who can take the lead in preventing bullying are the bystanders.

Bullies hurt. Leaders help.

Bullying is a form of violence and comes in three forms: physical (destruction of property), verbal, and social (excluding someone).

The primary needs of a child are to fit in and to belong.

To be a bystander is to participate in the bullying.

Bullies never remember. Victims never forget.

Never start a rumor.

Types of Listeners
Those that flat out ignore.

Those that pretend to listen (kids can pick up on that).

Selective listeners.


I don’t want to relay his entire seminar in a blog post because it would not do it justice by a long shot. If you’re an educator and you’re interested in having Jim come to your school shoot him an email at Jim.Williams@callmejim.org.

Chat soon!

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