A Thought on Read Across America

Hi All!

Just wanted to share a quick thought about my participation in Read Across America. As always, I love going into schools and hanging out with the kiddos. Mrs. Fox also wrote me a very kind note….

Hi, Lenny!

Thanks again for reading to my cuties- they so enjoyed listening to Leonardo the Terrible Monster and are STILL talking about it!

Have a wonderful week!

M. Fox

I have to say that when I walk into a classroom to read to kids and the vibe in the room is warm, welcoming and cheerful this makes for a great reading experience and says a lot about the teacher. The kids were as engaged as the adults in the room and this makes it even more special.

The best part? They had fun. Fun is good.

I asked Mrs. Fox to sign me up again next year!

Chat soon,

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